Customer Experience & Marketing Director

Clare is an experienced customer experience (CX) leader and is passionate about putting customers at the heart of your business. As the former Chief Customer Officer at National Grid plc, Clare has led complex CX and Employee Experience (EX) Transformation Programmes, delivering 200% ROI for CX initiatives. She has improved NPS by +50 points and EX NPS by +80 points. Clare loves learning to ski and enjoying amazing seafood.

Sales Director

Michelle is an inspiring and proven EMEA Sales Director. Transforming sales teams from lack lustre to market leading, resulting in accelerated profitable growth for stakeholders. Michelle loves building value propositions to ensure strong differentiation and outstanding revenue increases.  Works with CXO’s to ensure the sales strategy is understood, followed and key management aligned.

Founder & Director

Matt is a highly experienced Sales Leader and thrives on winning new business, with over £150m TCV wins, across multiple verticals in the past five years. He drives high-performance sales teams to secure sustainable wins and is instrumental in unlocking the value in customer engagements. Matt’s claim to fame is successfully pitching to the dragons on BBC Dragons Den.

Founder & Director

Chris loves to unlock the value in our customers’ businesses, turning sales success into repeatable stories. Chris has evolved 5,000+ Sales Generalists and 500 Sales Specialists worldwide to high-performance As-a-Service Solution Sales, supporting culture assets, community and approach. As a former WW Director and GTM Founders team member for HPE GreenLake Sales, he was responsible and accountable for developing and driving GTM methodology and culture. Chris loves life in the mountains and enjoys Nigerian Guinness.